Offstage Elements

In collaboration with Maria Viola Jefferson and MVJ Productions, Frank Lisi and DreamQuest Entertainment are producing the film Offstage Elements. Slated for a spring 2018 release, the film features actors Michael McFadden, Peter Patrikios, Tony Darrow and Mike Starr. Written by Maria Viola Jefferson and directed by Frank Lisi.


Brass Angel -(left to right) Marty Krzywonos, Robert Pinnock, Michael McFadden, Peter Patrikios and Drew Maniscalco

Brass Angel – LIVE in concert


Michael McFadden as Vik                  Peter Patrikios as Mitch


Drew Maniscalco as Stew            Robert Pinnock as Stan


Marty Krzywonos as Pete      Director Frank Lisi on set


Mike Starr as Sammy Gallo

Tony Darrow as Carlo Cappozzoli

Tony Darrow, Valerie Bauer and Mike Starr

Frank Lisi directing Mike Starr and Tony Darrow

Mike Starr, Frank Lisi and Tony Darrow

Director of Photography Andrew Pizzo and Maria Jefferson

Karen Giordano as Vera Simone and Frank Lisi

Frank and Maria at work make a great team together!