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Veneration Synopsis

VENERATION (2016) OFFICIAL TRAILER from Frank Lisi on Vimeo.

Meet Father Thomas Alesto, a man of genuine faith, a man no one can speak ill of, a man universally revered; even the Vatican has seen fit to officially recognize him for embodying the very essence of Christian humility through a life of unstinting piety.  So who on earth would ever think of tormenting such a saintly figure?  No one, of course – unless that tormenter be not of this earth: It turns out that Father Tom’s troubles do not originate in this world.  As the bearer of the stigmata, the very wounds of Christ, Father Tom is now the hapless target of none other than the Prince of Darkness Himself.  Night after night, he is visited by demons who mercilessly torture him both physically and spiritually; meanwhile, others of Satan’s minions are charged with the brutal and bizarre slaying of all those near and dear to him.  Satan is determined that not only will Father Tom never receive his impending papal reward, but he will never see anyone who has ever meant anything to him ever again.

All is not lost, however, as Father Tom will discover a powerful ally in the unlikely guise of his unassuming and innocent niece, Donna.  Losing her parents at the tender age of 10, Donna has had her share of troubles as well; however, she is not one easily beaten.  Possessed of the same spiritual conviction as her beloved uncle, Donna has devoted her life to following in his footsteps, only she has chosen to fight the forces of evil while donning not the cloth but the badge, serving with exemplary distinction for the Philadelphia Police Department.  She boasts not only a detective’s razor-sharp mind but, as a master of martial arts, she proves herself able-bodied as well.  But will it be enough to avoid the same fate as all those others loved and cherished by Father Tom?  And, if so, will she be able to offer what Father Tom needs to courageously confront and successfully beat back the forces of Satan before all Hell breaks loose!?!