Putting a new twist on a time-honored genre, A Sicilian Tale tells the multigenerational story of an Italian American family who must grapple daily with the fateful mafia; however, unlikc most would-be gangsters of fiction, who embrace such an opportunity only to regret it later on, Lorenzo, the Millitello pater familia~ regrets it the very moment it is made.

A humble farmer working the fields of Sicily, Lorenzo is a man whose devotion to his family is unwavering and whose morality is beyond reproach, that is, until one day when he is approached by the local don, who makes him an offer he can’t refuse: either join his ranks or his family all dies. Going against all he holds sacred and dear, Lorenzo becomes the reluctant assassin for Don Gaetano Verde.

Before each “hit” he visits his parish priest in what he knows to be a vain attempt at absolution. Evoking the ethos of a Greek tragedy, Lorenzo becomes a man perpetually tom by conscience, relentlessly pursued by the Harpies of his own making. And, if it were only himself needed to worry about, then he could find a way 10 live with these demons; however, there are others near and dear to him that inadvertently intrude upon his world of violence, namely his best friend Giuseppe and his son Franco. Giuseppe is a hot head with a heart ofgold who one day commits the unpardonable offense of publicly insulting Don Gaetano’s consigliere, Salvatore Mammza. For this the don decrees that he must

die and at the hands of his best friend no less. Giuseppe and Lorenzo devise a plan of escape that involves the murder of, among others, Don Gaetano. Hidden away during all the ensuing mayhem of the escape, young Michael Verde, the don’s son, witnesses the brutal slaying of his father and vows revenge when the time is right.

Fast forward thirty years to the present time and to the more familiar terrain of New York City. Franco, now a grown man and long a naturnlized citizen of the U.S., bas become such a respected politician that he is running for governor of N.Y.C. Franco’s rise to power was made possible only with the help of his uncle Sebastiano. Sebastiano is Lorenzo’s older, yet long-estranged brother, who emigrated to America before Franco was even born and where he has since become a feared mobster in his own right.  Lorenzo’s escape from Sicily temporarily reunited the two brothers as Lorenzo tearfully gave over custody of Franco to Sebastiano, knowing that Franco’s life would always be in jeopardy if he were to remain with a father who had becomce marked man for life.  Sebastiano became a surrogate father to Franco, making sure that Franco received, among other things, the best education possible – an education that has paved the way for his present political ambitions. But,just as Franco’s fortunes seem to bum their brightest,

his past comes back to haunt him. Michael Verde has come of age and now demands his “pound of flesh.” In order to obtain it, he stages an elaborate kidnapping and a subsequent hostage deal that provides the story’s edge of your seat, nail biting climax.

Actor/Producer/Director: Frank Lisi
Actor/Producer/Assistant Director: Sonny Vellozzi
Actresses: Elaine DelValle, Tisha Tinsman,  Jody Kay Litman
Actor: Vinny Vella,  James Bagnell,  Joe Polito,  Frank Lisi