Director Frank Lisi


Michael diPaolo in A Sicilian Tale

directing ast

The Morris House Hotel in Philadelphia – A Sicilian Tale

directing val trc

Valerie Bauer in The Red Corvette

directing kat and val trc

Katherine Mesa and Valerie Bauer – The Red Corvette

directing charles and vinny ven

Charles S. Dutton and Vinny Vella – Veneration

directing val joe ven

Valerie Bauer and Joe Sernio – Veneration

day 1 cast ven

Day 1 Titusville, NJ -Veneration

directiing baw ven

Brian Anthony Wilson – Veneration

directing tisha dove

Faith the Dove – Veneration

cast of det ven

Valerie Bauer, Joe Sernio and Steve Stanulis – Veneration

karen and mark

Karen Giordano and Mark Borkowski – Veneration


Tisha Tinsman and Faith – Veneration

donna snake1

Valerie Bauer and Vicky – Veneration


Jody Kay Litman – Veneration

scott fra ven

South Jersey – Veneration


Philadelphia – Veneration


Valerie Bauer and Faith – Veneration

directing ven grave

Graveyard scene with Charles S. Dutton